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Photo Tip Tuesday | Instagram Tips & Tricks {Decatur, Al Photographer}

Today is the first installment of a new series I am starting each week called Photo Tip Tuesday.  These will be about all different things dealing with photography, from apps for your iPhone, setting on your cameras, composition, editing….. all things photography!!! If you have a suggestion for something you would like to see as a Photo Tip Tuesday topic, feel free to leave a comment!!!

This weeks topic is all about Instagram!! Did you know that Instagram has over 50 million users??  And those 50 million users post over 300 million photos EACH AND EVERY DAY!!!! So…. whats the trick to making your photos stand out???

1.  Hashtags #
Hashtags are a GREAT way to have your photos seen my people on instagram that dont follow you.  You can hashtag anything from the “topic” of your photo, to the color of the shirt you are wearing! Some people go overboard with hashtags.  I use them to not only group my pictures (i.e. #empstudios #empsenior)  but also to find followers with similar interests.  Forget to add a hashtag?? You can always go back and add another comment with the hashtag you forgot!

You can also search for photos by a hashtag.  Say for example you wanted to look up some photos from Disney World (because who doesn’t love Disney??)…. just go to your search bar and type in the hashtag you wish to search! Then any photo that person has used a hashtag on with come up! Simple as that!

2.  Tag other people! 

Tagging other people in your Instagram photos is really awesome! While, it doesn’t show up for other people to see it, like twitter and Facebook, it does give that person a notification that you have tagged them.  The other great time to tag someone on Instagram is when they have commented on a photo and you are writing them back.  If you don’t tag them, they won’t ever know you wrote them back… Instagram doesn’t give notifications the way we are all used to Facebook doing so.  So… how do you tag someone?  Just put the @ symbol followed by their user name (if you follow them, their user name should pop up after the first few characters are typed!)

3.  Posting to Facebook and Twitter
Because Twitter has a character limit on posts, I ALWAYS post images to Twitter when posting on Instagram.  Depending on what the picture is, I will post it on Facebook as well.  Its just saves a step! And Facebook even creates an Instagram folder for you =)  Just register your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Instagram profile under “share” setting.

4. Blur
Ever wonder what the little raindrop symbol is for when you are in the edit zone of Instagram?  That is your blur tool! You can blur a harsh line, or in a circular form!  Use 2 fingers to make it smaller or wider.

5.  Different “actions”
Instagram has 20 different actions that you can use on your photos.  They give them a more “artsy” feel and can really help take your photos to the next level. Be aware though, they don’t work the same on each photo.   So test them out and see what you think will work best for your photo!!! Use your imagination and creativity!




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