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Photo Tip Tuesday | Photographing Children {Decatur, Alabama Childrens Photographer}

Hi! Patty here! I’m the newborn/child photographer at EMP Studios and I’m here to bring you today’s Photo Tip Tuesday….. all about photographing children!

Photographing children can be both challenging and rewarding.  As a mom myself (of 2 crazy boys, I might add!) I know what its like to want great pictures of my kids.  That’s one of the main reasons why  my love for photography began.  I have tried everything you could think to get my kids to smile and to come out with great photos….. so I’m going to let you in on a few secrets of mine that will help you capture some great images from your camera.

1.  Patience.  Bring lots of it! Kids are all over the place… it can take a while to get a great shot, but if you’re patient it will pay off! and with that in mind….

2. Take lots of pictures! I have been taking photos professionally for many years now and I still have to take quite a few pictures to get one good image from children.  Look for a camera that has a fast shutter speed and possibly a continuous shutter… that way you can capture action shots as well as those moments that are over in an instant.


3.  Get on their level.  Getting down on your child’s level allows you to capture them from their “point of view.”  Your photos wont come out looking like a giant or someone on a ladder took the picture.  It also allows you to capture their expressions and those amazing eye shots.

4.  Make silly noises.  You should hear the noises that come from my mouth.  I think I can impersonate almost every popular cartoon character there is.  Don’t be afraid to act silly.  You’ll get some great laughing and smiling pictures! Plus you’ll grab their attention long enough to have them looking directly at you.

5.  Let them go.  Instead of trying to force a pose or making them sit in a certain place… let them be a kid! You’ll be able to capture them in their element, doing what they love to do… play! I truly believe these will be your favorite images when you look back on them.


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